Statues and Monuments of London

Best statues and monuments to see in London

Best Statues and Monuments to see in LondonStatues and monuments of London are the great reminders of various historical events, which make this place globally better.

The city of London is very rich in history and there is no other place than London which has a great history. Indeed, it has faced attacks, wars, diseases, but still it is the foremost city in the world in all the aspects whether it is monuments, food, fashion, etc.

There are countless number of statues and monuments which are scattered in and around the city, which are renovated time to time in honour of the military persons, wars, political significance, etc. Let’s have a look into it so that when you visit London with your family, you don’t forget to go there: -

Charles I of England
Made in 1633, it is down the Trafalgar Square and near to the chasing cross.

The monument
It got constructed between 1671 to 1677 to commemorate the end number of fatalities of the Great fire of London, and to rejoice its modernizations.

Viscount Alan Brooke
He was a field Marshall and head of the British army during World War II. Indeed, he was also the closest advisor of Winston Churchill and was the master tactic throughout the war.

Westminster palace
It is also called the House of Parliament and was built in Gothic style where the members of two houses meet. It is a great tourist attraction.

Women of World War II
Built is 2005, it is dedicated to the women who worked in war as the men fought. When men were fighting, then women became mechanics, engineers, shipbuilders, etc.

If you do not find any interest in the history as some people don’t do, then you can reach out to the London escorts to enjoy a great time while your family does these visits.